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Composers: How to Submit

Composers: How to Submit

I have taught woodwind students since 1970 and used that experience to print and publish around 100, mostly successful, albums. The music I used for teaching was by no means only mine; now that publishing sheet music on the internet is so much quicker and cheaper than publishing in print I want to take the opportunity to publish music by anyone from anywhere - not just my music. Here is more detailed information on the selection criteria:

I am keen to select pieces, above all, that children and amateurs enjoy. The work submitted can be in any style and mood as long as it can be appreciated without a special knowledge of music or familiarity with a style....and meets these criteria:

The music holds players' and listeners' interest; as the piece continues, you want to hear what happens next.

The music is coherent, has a consistent atmosphere, is 'all of a piece'. The piece doesn't have to keep the same mood throughout (although advisable for short pieces); one section could contrast with another, but the whole must make musical sense – not just obey the rules.

Most important: the writing shows a knowledge of the instruments you're writing for; and for pieces at level 5 and below, a knowledge of difficulties learners face with their instruments as they progress.

Perhaps you are an instrumental teacher or a head of music who has written a piece that always goes down well. That's the sort of piece I'd like to publish!

Please send me your compositions (or arrangements of music in the public domain) as Sibelius or PDF files, to [email protected] — but, please, not through the post. You have my word that I will not publish your work without your consent. You're welcome to include any information about your composition or yourself with your submission.

When a work is selected for potential publication here, I will send you a summary of composer's and publishers' rights and terms, which, if agreed, will be followed by a formal contract.

Graham Lyons

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