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Selected and arranged by Graham Lyons


Graham Lyons, a woodwind mentor and champion, has been creating fabulous music for a very long time.
His original pieces are highly effective and great fun to play.
The massive popularity of his hundreds of arrangements speak for themselves.

Mark Goddard, music publisher and composer


When I retired from the professional music scene I took up my second love, teaching, I there encountered Graham’s 
educational material. I think, at one time or another, I found myself using almost all of his works with my pupils.
The primary reason – they enjoyed them.
   As a teaching resource they challenged the student at just the right level and there was always something
in his pieces that made the student have to learn a new fingering or musical technique.
At no time did I ever find a piece that the student felt they couldn’t overcome with “just another couple of practices”.
   I have enjoyed working with his music and the students have always enjoyed performing it.

Bernie Allen, Ex Music Director of NZTV, Now conductor school bands and orchestras


My students (beginners to advanced) enjoy playing many of Mr Lyons' pieces and I myself have enjoyed playing his
pieces through my own Trinity College grade exams. His pieces are always well thought out, extremely melodic
and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the instruments for which he writes. There is always a little twist and just
enough challenge in the piece to ensure the students have to think. -

Zyia-Li Teh - Music teacher, Auckland, NZ 

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